Friday, June 5, 2009

The Cassette Society

There is something just a tad nostalgic about The Cassette Society. The label - as its name suggests - produces clothes which reference eras past, and yet are still relevant in our post-iPod world. 

TCS continues their paradoxical eighties/futuristic trend in their upcoming summer collection, That Heroine's Electric. Down Yonder is lovin' the splashes of acid wash, leather, fringing and studs, and can't wait until this season comes to the store over July & August. 

We're particularly enamored with this amazingly detailed feathered v-neck tee pictured above - and it's a total steal! We've also got some great TCS accessories ordered, as well as some other spring staples such as denim shorts, singlets and tube skirts. 

Give us a buzz at the store to pre-order anything pictured here that takes your fancy. Channel a bit of Blondie, and rock on the 80s like it's 2009. 

xx DY

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