Monday, January 31, 2011

stripes, sailors and sponsoring st kilda fest!

sailor 0912-vintage-sailor-girl-sailing-boat_sm2
sailor charlie chaplin
sailors At the beach Atlantic City
SAilors picassa
sailors again
Sailor mamas and the papas MichellePhillips
sailor barbie bw
Sailor Pat_Metheny_Barcelona_2008
SAILOR1 coco-chanel-2-742931
in the 1930s coco chanel took sailor stripes from the seven seas to the catwalk, and today down yonder is taking the trend of the french marinieres to st kilda fest! we are the proud uniform sponsors of st kilda festival - aka. the LARGEST STREET PARTY IN AUSTRALIA! what are your plans from the 5th til the 13th of feb? maybe you'll see one of the 100 live bands that are playing throughout the week? maybe you'll get laughing (and probably snorting) at a comedy show? maybe you'll take your new boyfriend to one of the many free art exhibitions and pretend you're really cultured? maybe you'll partake in a complimentary swing/salsa/hip hop class? maybe you'll learn how the hare krishna cook their veggies so damn well?maybe you'll catch a movie at the st kilda open air cinema above the seabaths? hell - maybe you'll take your mum to zumba for a laugh! or - and this is definitely my favourite part - maybe on sunday the 13th of february you'll rock along to one of the many stages and catch jebediah, hungry kids of hungary, tim FREAKING finn, muscles, tijuana cartel, our favourites stonefield (and so so so many more) playing FOR FREE! i cannot express how amazing these shows were last year - i saw yacht club djs play, it was crazy cool and one of them sailed across my head in an inflatable boat! brilliant! better than all of the live and local stuff that's going on (or maybe this is my bias talking) is the competition that we are running over the course of the festival! 

get SNAP HAPPY to win a $1000 spending spree at down yonder! 

all you need to do is snap festival staff in the down yonder uniforms – so get creative – and then get excited – the winning entry will score a $1000 spending spree in store! that’s not the end of it – you get to bring along 20 of your mates for beer, champagne and 20% off the latest from australian and new zealand fashion labels! and - because my mum always told me winning wasn’t everything - the runner up will score a diana mini camera with flash package! entries close on saturday the 19th of february, the top ten will be featured online on our facebook page – here at our blogspot, and at for one week of intensive critiquing by you guys! the winner will be announced online on saturday the 26th of feb. think of the above pics as inspiration.. and yes, i am aware that charlie chaplin is dressed as a crim – but whatever, stripes are in vogue, and charlie chaplin does what he wants. 

xx DY

Sunday, January 30, 2011

you've been seen

DY chrissie & em
Picture 4
have you been snapped in your DY threads? send your pictures into - we'd love to feature you on our blog!

xx DY

pictured above
1. em (r) wears harvey basic maxi dress with the friend of mine jade belt
2. ciarra wears the friend of mine josie top
3. rosie (c/r) wears the friend of mine floral venice shorts and karen walker number ones, sarah (c/l) wears the friend of mine wynona dress.
4. nadja wearing the friend of life on mars rings

local natives

Local nativeslocal natives 4
local natives 2
we're a bit music obsessed at down yonder, and given that the 
marvelous laneway festival is just around the corner - we've been 
cranking two door cinema club, the holidays, beach house, warpaint, 
world's end press and local natives to get us in the mood for a 
amazing festival... now, what is really grinding my gears on 
a monday is that the idiot who decided the timetable didn't consider 
MY feelings - and so the two bands i love most in the world are 
scheduled to play at the same time..  $50 paid on my friends credit 
card (mine being typically maxed) and a ticket to see local natives 
at the corner and the problem is solved - but seriously, clash with 
gotye or some other band that i don't care about and who has played 
at every festival since i was 16 and i wont have to get up in your 
grill about your horrific lack of timetabling skill.. anyway, my 
best friend introduced me to local natives - she caught the LA band 
at a show in a small town in the south of italy mid last year on the 
same night that she jumped out of a train and severely injured her knee, 
dramatic wound aside - she counts it as an amazing night. since then 
we've had many an interpretive dance off to the album, and now that 
she's bailed overseas i feel as if it's my responsibility to tell 
everyone that this is a bandwagon worth jumping on - check out the 
clip below and enjoy a boogie. 

xx DY

Thursday, January 27, 2011

can crusade

Picture 11
perhaps you were the friend who passed out at 3pm on australia day, maybe you crashed your cousin's neighbours party and swam fully clothed in their pool, maybe the police were called, maybe you've spent all day thursday and some of friday lurking on facebook and preying that your quick fingers would untag all the photographs you fear were taken.. or maybe you enjoyed australia day (in some sense of the word at least) and didn't wake up covered in zinc or with a hangover as awful as my own.. regardless of how you spent your wednesday, we'd like to help you ease yourself into the weekend by letting you know that our rad sale is continuing (in store and online at and in BETTER news - the first drop from the new friend of mine collection has arrived.. it's called the crusaders, and if you believe in love and plum and all things INXS you better get in quickly - somewhat predictably i've already mentally purchased everything. and (perhaps more predictably) girls are going wild for it. we're open 10 - 6pm tomorrow, and all night and all day online at happy friday!

xx DY

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

oi oi oi!

1 vb
i recently travelled to the tropical isle of flinders, where everyone (at least - those we met at the local whitemark pub on day one) believed that true australian's start drinking VB before lunchtime.. we in no way encourage binge drinking, but hope you crack at least one beer today to celebrate this (mostly) great and (often) good country! let us listen to triple j, enjoy our char-grilled snags and paint all our friends with green and gold zinc when the pass out before number one has been announced! happy australia day DY friends! x

Sunday, January 23, 2011

nirvana told me so

1 never mind
Picture 115
Picture 119

we've had a pretty busy few weeks back since returning to work after holidays scattered across the globe! luckily the new addition to the team at 485 malvern road has strategically placed bowls full of chocolatey goodness all around the offices and the store - subsequently we all seem to have forgotten our new years resolutions of fitness and health, in favour of slightly bigger bellies (but infinitely happier heads). anyway, this is useless garbling with no point other than to say that we at DY are hoping your monday is being as kind to you as ours has been to us. x

Friday, January 21, 2011


Picture 7
if you're trying to find down yonder, you may need to stop for directions on your way to this secret place in south yarra. We're renowned for offering high-end and street fashion with an eclectic twist – and now you can pop on by and have the hands on experience at 485 malvern road or opt to shop and purchase at our new online store! you can now shop for the latest at DOWN YONDER ONLINE from designers like friend of mine, shakuhachi, something else, stolen girlfriends club, saltwater sandals, woodford and co., harvey and more! we're not afraid of queries about sizes, and wont be cranky if you want to return a dress because you got your size wrong - we're here to make shopping for the best a pleasant experience! get us online at DOWN YONDER ONLINE or in real time at 485 malvern road, south yarra. xxx