Friday, November 26, 2010

lion hearted girl x karen walker shades




i challenge you to find a single person on this earth not completely besotted with florence welch. she literally blew my mind when i first saw her play at the beginning of the year at laneway - and her ethereal performance at festival hall a few months back was something which still causes my eyes to cloud with tears when i recall moments from it - yes, it was that freaking amazing. apart from being an all round babe, florence also indulges in the sort of eclectic dressing which mere mortals (like us) would never pull off - think wearing a wedding dress whilst going to grab your morning coffee.. in amongst her vibrant collection of velvet and vintage she has a few staple items - namely her trusty karen walker sunnies. we've got the bad boys pictured above and loads more from the NZ designer in store now! retailing from $279 x





as if anything has ever been more necessary than a calculator which doubles as a ghetto gold wrist watch. these vintage casio beauties are currently in store, so if your nan didn't leave you hers in her will - pop on in and grab yourself one from DY, retailing from $99.95 x

Thursday, November 25, 2010

looks like rain denim dancer



theyallhateusERES INDIGO RT


it's saturday, looks like rain, and jess and i are enjoying our morning coffees waiting for the onslaught of crazed DY weekend shoppers hunting for outfits for tonight and shoes for the beach on sunday.. if you're so hungover you cant function - perhaps a trip to mcdonalds would be appropriate - and following your greased up fix up, pop in and visit us. we cant guarantee that we haven't heard what you did on chapel street last night, but be sure that we'll make soothing noises, laugh with you and help you create an outfit so good that you'll forget just how close to death you really are, and remember where you hid your party shoes last night. happy saturday DY shoppers, see you in store x

a trip down yonder?

CARAVAN Polly Dolly

CARAVAN onstance the Vintage Caravan


summer holidays are quickly approaching, and the sunshine has got us thinking that it would be quite nice to fall in love, pack up and run away somewhere - particularly if the escape vehicle had crochet interiors or was a themed down yonder bus.. well, we can dream. x

COSTALOT cost a little

Picture 7

Picture 6

Picture 1

Picture 2

enter matthew costa, new york bar tender turned fashion eyewear extraordinaire - a man with a love of all things vintage, and the face behind the tinted lenses of costalot sunglasses. what began as a small collection of vintage safety glasses with custom lenses quickly became a cult eyewear label renowned for their mod take on classic frames - and let's be honest, repping a pair of these bad boys will give you the sort of retro street cred that will make even the most indie of indie babes put down their fair trade lattes & get up off their crates. retailing from $249 - you'd be stupid not to see the world through some rose coloured costalot lenses this summer. x

Monday, November 22, 2010

maroon maroon maroon


we're not usually ones to rant about total babes in maroon suits, but finding this incredible boat-shoe-wearing-dream-boat on stockholm street style made my day. hope it makes yours. x

Friday, November 19, 2010

david bowie's fictional character is a friend of mine

Picture 91


Picture 87

Picture 109

Picture 100

Picture 92

Picture 25

to say that i was excited about the high summer range from friend of mine would be making my sickening obsession with the label seem a little more normal. i cant pinpoint the exact moment that i decided to become a friend of mine groupie - although i feel it may have been around the time that i purchased the pepper dress to wear as a revenge outfit when i happened to casually run into my ex boyfriend.. strangely enough, my plan fell apart and i didn't see him whilst looking ridiculously fabulous (read: in a gutter at 4am), but regardless - the pepper dress saw me through some rad nights out and is responsible for the beginning of a love which has lasted longer than any of my recent relationships. today approximately 80% of my wardrobe is made up of the cult melbourne label - and that is a statistic i'm proud of. the high summer collection 'Aladdinsane' is a vibrant mix of pop references (think studio 54, the jaggers, bowie), a palette of dusky pink, mustard yellow and sailor stripes, and shoes i actually dreamt about last night (creepy, i know). if you haven't been through your parents record collection lately, or completely missed the ziggy stardust reference made in the above tee, never fear - the girls at 485 malvern road will sort you out. x

Sunday, November 14, 2010

take a walk on the wild side.

15 nv 8'

15 Nov 6

15 No5

Nov 15 13

Nov 10

i'd hate to advocate drugs, alcohol, violence, or insanity to anyone.. but they've always worked for me.
- hunter s. thompson

monday, bloody monday.


15 Nov 23



15 Nov3

Nov 29
it's funny that monday seems to induce feelings akin to that of a bad hangover.. such feelings are only alleviated by good news, good clothes and sunshine. in the attempt to discover an antidote to monday-itus we're playing the new triple j like a version, happily unpacking new stock from nathan smith & killer new shades from karen walker, while willing the sunshine to peek out from behind the clouds... so far it's working, i feel less headachey and my saltwater clad feet are doing a slight melbourne shuffle behind the counter - perhaps mondays aren't so bad after all? further, the week can only get better with more saltwaters expected in (i predict my wardrobe to have a pair in every colour by the end of summer), and the high summer collection from friend of mine arriving later this week! if you're struggling on a monday, i suggest you come for a visit, retail therapy is the proven cure to 99% of ailments. x

Sunday, November 7, 2010

saltwater sandals


Picture 11

SALTWATER SANDAL MADNESS HAS HIT DOWN YONDER! perhaps the most comfortable, durable and celeb-friendly sandals out (alexa chung owns them in practically every colour)... saltwater sandals were born around forty years ago, when a military boot maker experimented with various types of leather to see which were impervious to salt water. alexa likely doesn't give a rats about the history of these bad boys, but we love her regardless.. and cant wait to get our tootsies out and about in these sandals when beach weather hits! xx

available online at

Friday, November 5, 2010

glitterati party starter

pissing and chanel




as the first week of november comes to a close, we're relishing the scent of fresh cut flowers, have purchased new mags to get us through the weekend, and have excitedly dressed our mannequins in friend of mine bikinis - at least they're ready for the sun! for those freaking out about imminent failure and exams (ie. me) take comfort in the sunshine peering through your window and know that in a few weeks we'll have months of holidays to dress up, step out, and remember why the world is beautiful. happy saturday DY shoppers, see you all next week x