Friday, July 10, 2009

Looking for Something Else?

Oh, Melbourne Winter. Why do you always give us the blues? The skies are pouring, our shoes are wet, and our hair is Farrah Fawcett-ed from gale force winds. 

(RIP Our Gale Force Wind Beauty)

Call it denial, but the staff here at Down Yonder are eagerly pretending that it's sunshine and rainbows outside. This little charade has been much easier since the early trickles of Spring/Summer 2010 stock has begun arriving in.

(We've got this one in black!)

Out first ray of sun has come from Natalie Wood's eponymous label Something Else. The label - which offers girls a culmination of high fashion and street wear at an affordable price - has brightened up our moods with colourful prints of purple, blue, and orchid. 

(This one in stonewash grey is selling fast)

Entitled Sunrise of the Dancing Shadows, the SS10 range luckily also has some great trans-seasonal pieces to tide us through the last dregs of winter. Our favourite silky jacket pictured below is a great layering staple for a night out and won't blow the budget either.

(a lighter Spring alternative to a leather jacket)

xx DY

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