Friday, October 16, 2009


As soon as new Melbourne label Friend of Mine debuted a few months back, we kept on getting crazy-eyed fashion addicts barraging us with queries for the next collection (seriously amazing fashion does tend to have that effect on some people...)

The wait is over..... welcome to YESTERDAY'S TOMORROW!

As with the last collection, Friend of Mine has dished up some seriously rad basics with a twist and an AMAZING shoe collection featuring the eponymous wedge heel. The label has also branched out in to a range of denim pieces.

.... all of the featured pieces are available at Down Yonder in the next week, along with many more. We have the broadest Friend of Mine selection out of any store in Australia, and can also do special orders. (just because we are friends of yours)

xx DY


  1. Hi, please let me know when i can purchase the studded biker boots? xx

  2. why, from us of course! they are due in store in a week or so. if you aren't in melbourne we can do a phone order, or we could tell you who will stock them in your state as we are friend of mine's publicity and sales agent! xxx