Sunday, February 13, 2011

we're not in kansas anymore

1 wow24:1 crystal
1 glitter 
enjoy the kiss stones 
1 eye
we're not sure about you guys - but we at down yonder had an epic
weekend at st kilda fest! you may have seen us (or our friends) handing 
out postcards for the down yonder $1000 wardrobe competition on sunday, 
maybe you caught us backstage at stonefield, or saw us having a drink 
outside the vineyard later in the evening... more likely you were all too 
busy dancing and enjoying the biggest street party in australia to notice 
if DY staff were lurking around in the shadows - either way, we hope you 
got your pap snap on! we've seen a few rad entries already - the competitionis fierce! hope you're all hungover and happy this monday, pop on down to DY, we're drinking cups of tea and listening to the beatles to ease our post st kilda fest depression.

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