Sunday, May 13, 2012

Sharp Neuws

So you've heard the news that you're not supposed to wash your favourite pair of jeans right?  So what happens when you feel the need for a 'refresh'?  According to Neuw you put your jeans in the freezer . . . no really!  We have just received the new range of Neuw 'Sharp' Denim, sharp because unlike most denim these jeans have a black weft yarn where others have white, jargon to you?  It just means these guys stay DARK!  Each pair comes complete with a 're-sealable' freezer bag to keep them safe from freezer burn and whatever lurks at the back of your frozen abyss . . .  Available in store and online now!

Marilyn Skinny in Raw black

Vintage Skinny in Indigo

Click the links to purchase online. 

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