Monday, July 9, 2012

Bad Ass Mexican Takeover

We LOVE a good taco here at DY so we've searched a few Mexican eateries in Melbourne for the ones that deserve to be served street side in their home country.  Your stomach will be rumbling after this!

413 Swan St,

11-13 Carlisle St,
St Kilda.

photo c/o chommery
photo c/o chommery
photo c/o chommery
How can you ever go past a fish taco?

248 Swan St,

Grilled corn . . . to die for!

Sweet sugary goodness.  Mexican Soda.

Alright we have to stop there as there are just way too many Mexi joints to talk about.  
Check out our Mexican VIP night we had a couple of months ago and start to get excited about all those summer cocktails you'll be faced with when it gets a little warmer.

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