Friday, November 19, 2010

david bowie's fictional character is a friend of mine

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to say that i was excited about the high summer range from friend of mine would be making my sickening obsession with the label seem a little more normal. i cant pinpoint the exact moment that i decided to become a friend of mine groupie - although i feel it may have been around the time that i purchased the pepper dress to wear as a revenge outfit when i happened to casually run into my ex boyfriend.. strangely enough, my plan fell apart and i didn't see him whilst looking ridiculously fabulous (read: in a gutter at 4am), but regardless - the pepper dress saw me through some rad nights out and is responsible for the beginning of a love which has lasted longer than any of my recent relationships. today approximately 80% of my wardrobe is made up of the cult melbourne label - and that is a statistic i'm proud of. the high summer collection 'Aladdinsane' is a vibrant mix of pop references (think studio 54, the jaggers, bowie), a palette of dusky pink, mustard yellow and sailor stripes, and shoes i actually dreamt about last night (creepy, i know). if you haven't been through your parents record collection lately, or completely missed the ziggy stardust reference made in the above tee, never fear - the girls at 485 malvern road will sort you out. x

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