Sunday, November 14, 2010

monday, bloody monday.


15 Nov 23



15 Nov3

Nov 29
it's funny that monday seems to induce feelings akin to that of a bad hangover.. such feelings are only alleviated by good news, good clothes and sunshine. in the attempt to discover an antidote to monday-itus we're playing the new triple j like a version, happily unpacking new stock from nathan smith & killer new shades from karen walker, while willing the sunshine to peek out from behind the clouds... so far it's working, i feel less headachey and my saltwater clad feet are doing a slight melbourne shuffle behind the counter - perhaps mondays aren't so bad after all? further, the week can only get better with more saltwaters expected in (i predict my wardrobe to have a pair in every colour by the end of summer), and the high summer collection from friend of mine arriving later this week! if you're struggling on a monday, i suggest you come for a visit, retail therapy is the proven cure to 99% of ailments. x

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