Friday, April 27, 2012

Coachella Catch Up.

You may have been bombarded with photos from Coachella already but we were lucky enough to have an insider at Coachella this year  . . .  meet Elvis Walker (pictured in his ride below) and his behind the scenes, front row and side of stage collection of photos from Coachella 2012.  Warning these photos may incite jealousy and the urge to kick start a savings account to get to Coachella '13.

Sneaky Star Snap.  Fergie.

Snoop D.O.GG
Up close and personal with Eminem



You Tube sensation Azaelia Banks.  

Haven't heard of her? 
End of Azaelia's Coachella Set.

Tough Life in Palm Springs

Picture Perfect Palm Springs

Side of Stage for Mea, the start of weekend number 2. 
Mea and guitarist

Before the masses
50 Cent

The real behind the scenes.  Erecting the stages in 35 degrees not quite the glamourous Coachella  you see normally.

Just a casual Coachella snake buddy.

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