Sunday, January 30, 2011

local natives

Local nativeslocal natives 4
local natives 2
we're a bit music obsessed at down yonder, and given that the 
marvelous laneway festival is just around the corner - we've been 
cranking two door cinema club, the holidays, beach house, warpaint, 
world's end press and local natives to get us in the mood for a 
amazing festival... now, what is really grinding my gears on 
a monday is that the idiot who decided the timetable didn't consider 
MY feelings - and so the two bands i love most in the world are 
scheduled to play at the same time..  $50 paid on my friends credit 
card (mine being typically maxed) and a ticket to see local natives 
at the corner and the problem is solved - but seriously, clash with 
gotye or some other band that i don't care about and who has played 
at every festival since i was 16 and i wont have to get up in your 
grill about your horrific lack of timetabling skill.. anyway, my 
best friend introduced me to local natives - she caught the LA band 
at a show in a small town in the south of italy mid last year on the 
same night that she jumped out of a train and severely injured her knee, 
dramatic wound aside - she counts it as an amazing night. since then 
we've had many an interpretive dance off to the album, and now that 
she's bailed overseas i feel as if it's my responsibility to tell 
everyone that this is a bandwagon worth jumping on - check out the 
clip below and enjoy a boogie. 

xx DY

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