Thursday, January 27, 2011

can crusade

Picture 11
perhaps you were the friend who passed out at 3pm on australia day, maybe you crashed your cousin's neighbours party and swam fully clothed in their pool, maybe the police were called, maybe you've spent all day thursday and some of friday lurking on facebook and preying that your quick fingers would untag all the photographs you fear were taken.. or maybe you enjoyed australia day (in some sense of the word at least) and didn't wake up covered in zinc or with a hangover as awful as my own.. regardless of how you spent your wednesday, we'd like to help you ease yourself into the weekend by letting you know that our rad sale is continuing (in store and online at and in BETTER news - the first drop from the new friend of mine collection has arrived.. it's called the crusaders, and if you believe in love and plum and all things INXS you better get in quickly - somewhat predictably i've already mentally purchased everything. and (perhaps more predictably) girls are going wild for it. we're open 10 - 6pm tomorrow, and all night and all day online at happy friday!

xx DY

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