Thursday, December 2, 2010

always wear a helmet

helmut 6

Helmut 4

Helmut 5

Helmut 2

HELMET mag 111

as a small child i hoarded piles of toyworld catalogues under my bed, obsessed as i was with the various power ranger toys available at the time. today the location of my obsession has moved from toy aisle to catwalk - in my bedroom alone i have 3 tables dedicated to stacks of magazines. as a subscription holder to frankie, russh, oyster, anOther magazine, and being long time lover of the fairly recent melbourne publications spook and fallen, i was delighted to find a fat stack of the latest (and perhaps greatest) mag to pop out of aus on the counter when i rolled into work today.. enter HELMET magazine. editors tom & jordie begin the mag with a talk to their readers - telling us that "failure is always an option", wise words. fortunately, failure isn't on the cards for this mag.. it's the indie paper incarnation of a girltalk album, an eclectic mash up of music, fashion, film and art. and for $22.95 you'd better get in quickly - the first issue has already sold out at mag nation. xx

p.s last pic features friend of mine threads from DY! kitty shirt and isla skirt, hop on down to 485 malvern road and check them out in real time. x

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