Thursday, December 9, 2010


DEAL BREAKER: a recent date, who said (and i quote)'so, you're a lit student... cool.. (brushes hair awkwardly) man - i haven't read a book in years.'

bookshelf while rome burns

bookshelf 10_16_08_Nadege_Winter_paris9844


bookshelf sean mcpherson

bookshelf 4_29_09_julia_roitfeldED7461

bookshelf 4_12_09_lucy_DuffyED00843

bookshelf 11_14_08_Guy_Maximilla_8918



one morning, close to two years into a relationship with "bruce", i rolled over and saw the following stacked on bedside table;
scar tissue by anthony kedis
a sporting autobiography by a cricketer whose name i didn't know (and clearly did't care to remember) and
the game (ie. the lame man bible created by a bunch of dudes who learnt sexual strategy from 30 years of playing world of war craft)
as i perused these titles i wondered what i was doing with "bruce".. in retrospect- had i been a book snob prior to entering the relationship, perhaps i would have avoided the heart breaking reality three years in; that perhaps we just weren't right for one another. admittedly my 3 years of education (give or take a few failed subjects and probable summer units) at a wanky university majoring in literature has caused my somewhat irrational hatred for faux reading (by which i am referring to the world of vampires and babes and vampire-babes). if you've invited me to your house recently and wondered where i've disappeared to - it's just to inspect your bookshelf. creepy perhaps, but if i've called you since that inspection it means that you have more of a chance than "bruce" did - and that's saying something. anyway, as you can probably tell, this post has nothing to do with the store - except that i work here and like reading books and criticising things (often unnecessarily). something all the folks at DY are fond of though is the selby project - if you haven't checked it out yet, put aside a few hours of your weekend and have a look at some of the most incredible interiors of the homes and offices of celebs like lagerfeld, roitfeld, the geldofs, dan single, the head office of ralph lauren and more! there's something voyeuristic and marvelous about scrolling through page after page of the selby project.. and now i can criticise not only my friends bookshelves, but celebrity's too! isn't the cyber world rad? get your eyeballs wandering here -

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