Thursday, December 16, 2010



a few weeks ago my housemate kiri noted that i am a happily antisocial person every morning, preferring to engage with tom & alex on triple j's breakfast show than my housemates over my morning coffee. when i started talking about triple j hosts as if they were my friends, i realised my obsession with the station was going a little far - hell, i nearly attended tom ballard's birthday party because i legitimately thought we could be really good friends. aside from inspiring stalkers australia wide (see above), triple j also does a pretty amazing job of finding and facilitating the rise of unsigned aussie bands. if you find your ears lacking for new music, get on triple j unearthed and start listening. a new favourite of mine are stonefield - this banging sister act (literally) rock - drawing inspiration from music legends zeppelin, zappa, hendrix, the beatles and pink floyd, the resulting sound is a bit like a rocking blues love child born in a field of canola flowers in country victoria - which is kind of the story of the band. with their youngest member aged just 12 (or 13 - i cant be bothered googling details) stonefield have just been announced on the lineup for glastonbury.. a pretty sweet gig considering these girls were relatively unknown before dominating triple j unearthed high in '09, and only picked up instruments and decided to form a band in late '08... they're bringing in new years at pyramid rock, alongside the temper trap & N.E.R.D, but still play on a sunday at the vic market and really are the sweetest thing to come out of triple j's unearthed comp since megan washington in 2008. if you've been living under a rock, or aren't best mates with tom & alex like i am you may not have heard the song clover by stonefield. get clicking and start listening, they wont disappoint. x

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