Thursday, December 2, 2010

are you a lad insane?







generally speaking, i suffer from mondayitus, tuesdayitus, wednesdayitus, thursdayitus and fridayitus.. my parents call me a hypochondriac, my doctor calls it a low immune system, and my housemates call it bullshit. anyway, for some reason friday usually ranks as my most hated day of the week. for those young enough to be frequenting "sweet" venues like Qbar, fridays are characterised by hangovers and maccas runs. for those of us mature enough to be working full time - fridays are marked by a longing for the weekend (and - though we'll never admit it to our bosses, a hangover). for some reason, today has been a good day - brand new stock from friend of mine and karen walker have arrived along with the glossy goodness of melbourne magazine helmet - providing me with the perfect excuse to dust off my party shoes for a weekend of foolish behaviour. friday might just be the new monday; definitely not a day that should be included in the working week - but not quite as bad as i thought it would be this morning. x

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